Getting To Know Your WiFi Thermostat

Are you tired of constantly futzing with your home’s thermostat to maintain a comfortable temperature? Wish you could come home after a long day to a comfortable home, no matter the season? 


A WiFi thermostat could be just what you’re looking for. Not only are they a convenient, hands-free solution for controlling your home’s heating and air, but they can also end up saving you money on your energy bills.


Still, like any smart home device, there can be a bit of a learning curve when it comes to setting them up and getting the most out of them. 


To give you a helping hand, today we’re exploring the benefits of WiFi thermostats and why they’re a smart investment for any homeowner. We’ll discuss how they work, how they can help you save money, and what to look for when choosing a WiFi thermostat. 

How WiFi Thermostats Help With Room Temperature Control

WiFi thermostats, also known as smart thermostats, are exactly what they sound like: a type of thermostat that can be connected to your home’s WiFi network. 


This allows you to control your home’s temperature remotely from your smartphone or computer, no matter where you are. Pretty handy, right?


They work by using sensors to detect the temperature in your home and then adjusting the heating or cooling system to maintain the desired temperature. They can also even learn your preferred temperature settings and create a schedule that fits your lifestyle, so you don’t have to adjust the thermostat manually every time you want to make a change.

6 Benefits To Having A WiFi Thermostat

More than just a fun gadget or a party trick, you’ll soon discover that having a WiFi thermostat has a number of tangible benefits. We’re outlining six of them below.


One of the biggest benefits of using a WiFi thermostat is that it can help you save money on your energy bills. 


Since you can control your home’s temperature remotely, you can adjust the temperature when you’re not at home, which can help you save energy and money.


For example, if you’re going to be away from home for several hours, you can set the temperature to a more energy-efficient level – say, turn off the AC during the day – and then adjust it back to a comfortable temperature before you return.

Remote room temperature control

With a WiFi thermostat, you can adjust the temperature in your home remotely using your smartphone or computer. 


This is ideal when you’re away from home and want to adjust the temperature before you return or if you want to turn on the air conditioning or heating from your bed on a cold morning.

Smart scheduling

Most WiFi thermostats have the ability to learn your preferred temperature settings and create a schedule based on your lifestyle. 


Instead of adjusting the temperature manually every time you want to make a change, the thermostat will adjust the temperature automatically based on your schedule. This works great for changes between seasons, but also to accommodate for a household’s individual members.

Compatibility with smart home devices

Many WiFi thermostats can be integrated with your other smart home devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home.


This takes the convenience up another level, as you can control your thermostat using voice commands, which is useful if you have your hands full or if you’re not near your smartphone.

Alerts and notifications

Some WiFi thermostats can send alerts and notifications to your smartphone if there’s a problem with your HVAC system or if the temperature in your home drops below a certain level. 


This can help you address issues quickly and prevent damage to your home or HVAC system.

Energy reports

Additionally, many WiFi thermostats provide energy reports that show you how much energy you’re using and how much money you’re saving. 


This can help you make more informed decisions about your energy usage and adjust your habits to save even more money.

Get Your WiFi Thermostat Professional Installed With Dick’s

A WiFi thermostat is a great investment if you’re looking to improve your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. 


With remote room temperature control, smart scheduling, energy savings, compatibility with smart home devices, and alerts and notifications, a WiFi thermostat can help you save money on your energy bills and make your home more comfortable.


If you’re not sure where to start with the installation, we can help. At Dick’s Air Conditioning & Heating, we offer professional installation of WiFi thermostats to help our customers enjoy the benefits of this technology. 


Contact us today to schedule an appointment and start enjoying the benefits of a WiFi thermostat in your home.



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